BMW Driving Experience


BMW Winter Driving Experience.


An exciting road safety training on snow / ice in Ebbenjarka, Luleå. We'll be driving the BMW M340i xDrive. You will be trained to handle traffic situations that can occur on winter roads, such as a sudden obstacles appearing. You can sharpen your ability to maintain control and handle the car in the best possible way in different situations. We practice over and under steer control when driving in a large circle (drifting), slalom driving, and braking and override. We will continue the final training on the action courses. When you leave, you will have gained increased knowledge of how to drive safely and efficiently. We are sure you will have a joyful driving experience that you won't forget.

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More than a driving experience.



Ebbenjarka is situated on its own private island. Not far from civilization, just outside Luleå. Here you will find peace and seclusion, despite the proximity to Luleå and Luleå Airport, which is no more than 15 km away.


We drive on the Stor-Antnästräsket. The courses are prepared and kept plowed from mid December. The area is 62 ha, 1.1 km straight across the lake.


Come to Clarion Sense and experience the four seasons in their purest forms with space for people and environment. The restaurant, Marcus Samuelsson's Kitchen & Table, is situated on the 9th floor. They offer a food and drink concept that pays tribute to genuine Norrland flavors freely combined with those from bustling Manhattan.


Arrival day
Arrival from 17.00 (with possibility to check-in from 15.00). We're staying at Hotel Clarion Sense, centrally located in Luleå. Accommodation in single rooms with breakfast. Depending on your arrival time, you may opt for a shared dinner or, if you arrive late, a simple meal with a glass of wine/beer.


Training day
07.30     Breakfast buffet & check out
08.10     We drive jointly from the hotel to Ebbenjarka in the training cars
08.30    Theory session prior to the training
09.30    Winter driving on the ice. We drive two people in each car, depending on the current Coronavirus recommendations and measures.
               Slalom Run
               Brake Foreclosure

11.45     Lunch at the track

12.45    Training continues
              Circle Course
              Action Lane
              BMW xDrive Volume Training

15.15     Course Completion with Summary and receiving of Diploma. 

We drive jointly back to the hotel where the luggage has been left. On the way back to the hotel we refuel the cars. Airport bus to Luleå Airport departs at the bus station near the hotel, line 104.

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Education Cost.
The BMW Driving Experience Winter includes welcoming drink, two course dinner with a drink package and overnight stay in single rooms with breakfast, lunch and afternoon coffee. Price 7,300 SEK excl. VAT (including traffic safety training 4,800 SEK and conference package 2,500 kr).


Flights to Luleå depart from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen with airlines such as SAS and Norwegian. Travel costs are not included in the education package.

Week 3, 4 and 5 with arrival the night before the current training date, any of the dates 17–22, 24–29, 31 January–5 February 2021.

You can register through the link below or by e-mail to or by phone +46 46-20 22 66.

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